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PNW Climate Week: Climate Tech Challenge 2024

July 7, 2024


July 12, 2024

12:00 pm


6:00 pm

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When you arrive please call 425-390-4738 to be let upstairs.

What is the Climate Tech Challenge?

The Climate Tech Challenge is an exciting week-long competition designed to showcase real climate solutions, both existing and new, all that we ask is that you adhere to the program and be climate focused. We have customized the entire process to enable participants with workshops and mentoring from industry experts. 

Our goal is to guide teams of entrepreneurs toward producing real world solutions, while experiencing the startup world, developing a new tool set, and meeting climate focused founders, investors, and mentors. Teams will be judged throughout the competition on relevance, impact, feasibility, and scalability. The week will conclude with a final demo day where the finalist teams get to present their company to a panel of climate focused VC's and fund managers in front of an eager crowd.

Who should attend this event?

Innovators and mad scientists with a core mission of addressing issues related to the climate crisis. Demo Day attendees can range from climate activists, investors, founders, entrepreneurs, students, to literally anyone else interested in climate tech or startups.

What are the prizes?

90 minutes of free pitch coaching from Pitch 4 Impact worth $500. Includes investor profiles of climate tech investors.

2 hours of strategy consulting from The Briarwood Group.

What types of technology will be allowed/required?

There are no requirements. We refer to tech as in any technology that can assist in finding actionable climate solutions.

What to expect:

This is a 6 day event with days 1-5 for competitors, which are optional, and Demo Day on Day 6, which is open to the public. Teams work throughout the week to create and improve their due diligence, while judges complete 2 rounds of elimination. Finalists present on Day 6/Demo Day to a panel of climate VCs and fund managers in front of a crowd.


Competitor attendance is only required on Day 6/Demo Day. Optional workshops and mentor hours will be available on days 2-5

Sunday July 7th - Introduction and networking.

Monday July 8th - Submission of basic team info due by 9 PM.

Tuesday July 9th - Teams work on due diligence.

Wednesday July 10th - Submission of due diligence due by 9 PM.

Thursday July 11th - Finalists announced. Finalists polish their pitch.

Friday July 12th - Demo Day for finalist teams pitch presentations, judging, and winner announcement. Open to the public. Attendance is mandatory for participating teams.

What are the rules?

You may bring an existing idea but make certain your team understands your intentions after the event, if it's an idea you're not interested in sharing with others then you may want to stick to either a one person team or with an existing team.

  • Existing ideas are welcome; ensure clarity on post-event intentions with your team.
  • Team size is limited to a maximum of 15 participants.
  • Idea must be climate-focused.

Judging Criteria:

  • Innovation: How does this project demonstrate originality and creativity in its approach to solving climate challenges?
  • Impact: What is the projected or demonstrated impact of this solution on mitigating climate change or enhancing sustainability?
  • Feasibility: How feasible is the implementation of this solution in real-world applications, considering technical requirements and resource management?
  • Presentation: How effectively does the team communicate the problem, solution, and potential impact of their project to the judges and audience?
  • Scalability and Sustainability: To what extent does this project demonstrate scalability and sustainability in addressing long-term environmental challenges?

The Schedule:

Schedule is subject to change

12:00 PM - Mingle

Networking session.

12:30 PM - Be Informed

Introduction and opening remarks.

12:45 PM - Be Entertained

3-minute semifinalist pitches followed by 1-minute crowd pitches with audience feedback.

2:00 PM - Be Fed

Networking and lunch break.

3:00 PM - Be Entertained Again

Finalist pitch session: 5 teams pitch for 10 minutes each, followed by 5 minutes of feedback and 5 minutes of tech setup.

5:00 PM - Mingle

Networking and discussions while judges deliberate.

5:30 PM - Be Entertained

Announcements and a

wards ceremony.

Join us in making a difference for our planet. See you at the Climate Tech Challenge 2024!


SURF Incubator coworking space in Seattle logo

SURF Incubator


999 3rd ave Seattle Wa


SURF Incubator is one of Seattle's longest running incubators and has hosted companies of all sizes including a few pre unicorn companies. Enjoy this amazing opportunity to have your team incubated in one of Seattle's longest running incubator spaces.





Pitch coaching and training to help entrepreneurs create and deliver memorable pitches to the right investors.


90 minutes of free pitch coaching worth $500. Includes investor profiles of climate tech investors.


The Briarwood Group is a leading consulting firm that empowers enterprise businesses and startups to achieve their strategic goals and drive growth in the marketplace. Committed to building a better tomorrow, Briarwood Group leverages innovative technologies to benefit humanity and promote sustainability. We work collaboratively with clients, using data-driven insights and results-oriented strategies to optimize operations and enhance competitive advantage. The Briarwood Group strives to build long-term relationships with clients, offering ongoing support and guidance to ensure their continued success.


2 hours of strategy consulting from The Briarwood Group.


Jonathan Azoff from SnowCap VC will be joining us as a judge for the July 2024 Climate Tech Challenge
Jonathan Azoff
Gabriel Scheer with Elemental Excelerator will be joining us as a Judge
Gabriel Scheer
Elemental Excelerator

Workshops & Speakers

Adam Philipp will be joining us for a workshop on the nuances of starting a company for a competitive event.

Adam Philipp



Kristin Kinder 2017 TEDx speaker will be hosting the Leaner Startups Climate Tech Challenge 2024

Kristin Kinder


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