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Placing Your Startup in the Spotlight: attracting investors through strategic positioning workshop

August 1, 2023


August 1, 2023

9:30 am


11:30 am


Are you a determined startup founder seeking the optimal channels to position your venture directly in front of potential investors? Are you looking to uncover the online and in-person platforms that can significantly boost your startup's visibility and increase your chances of securing funding? Join us for an enlightening workshop that will guide you through the strategic process of placing your startup in the spotlight, precisely where investors are looking.

In this workshop, we will delve into the dynamic landscape of online and offline platforms that serve as powerful vehicles for connecting startups with investors. Through engaging presentations, interactive exercises, and in-depth discussions, you will gain valuable insights into the key channels, tactics, and techniques to maximize your startup's exposure to the investor community.

Join us for this interactive workshop and connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, seasoned investors, and industry experts. Together, let's unveil the ideal channels to showcase your startup to investors, strategically positioning your venture for maximum visibility, and increased opportunities for securing the funding you need to drive your startup's growth and success.

Andrew and Kaitlyn, seasoned entrepreneurs and founders of The Briarwood Group and Leaner Startups, bring their extensive experience and expertise to this workshop. With a deep understanding of the challenges startups face in attracting investor attention, Andrew and Kaitlyn have successfully navigated the intricate landscape of connecting startups with investors, both online and in person. As trusted advisors and strategic consultants, they have helped numerous startups identify and leverage the right platforms to position themselves effectively in front of potential investors. Their practical insights, combined with their knowledge of the investor ecosystem and digital strategies, provide participants with invaluable guidance on how to strategically place their startups in the spotlight, significantly increasing their visibility and opportunities for securing funding. With Andrew and Kaitlyn's wealth of experience, workshop attendees can expect to gain actionable tactics and industry-specific insights that will empower them to make informed decisions when it comes to showcasing their startups to investors.







Andrew Beavers & Kaitlyn LaBorn

The Briarwood Group

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