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Customer Discovery Workshop with Daniel Jaeger Owner & Principal Designer at CitizenBrain

May 19, 2024

Customer discovery with Daniel Jaeger Owner & Principal Designer at CitizenBrain

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Event Summary

Ready to transform your idea into a successful product? Join us for a workshop with Daniel Jaeger, a designer specializing in helping startups understand their customers and their problems, and launching the zero-to-one user experience that people want.

When: During the upcoming AI hackathon
Where: SURF Incubator, 7th Floor, DocuSign Tower – Come for the insights, stay for the view (and the pitches)!

As Owner & Principal Designer at CitizenBrain, Daniel has traveled the entire journey from customer discovery to product launch many times. From Zero to One, he has spent more than 10 years connecting the dots for startups, ensuring they built the right things from the get-go and nailed the user experience out of the gate.

This workshop will give you insights into why and how to do customer discovery, how to ask the right questions to get the answers you need, and to design and build software that people actually want instead of spending your time and energy building something that nobody needs. Whether you're wrestling with user experience dilemmas or dreaming up the next big thing in tech, Daniel’s insights will help you navigate the complex maze of product design with the precision of a GPS that actually knows where it's going!

Sign up now! Don’t miss this chance to gain from a researcher, strategist, and designer who’s not only seen it all but designed it. Tap into the secrets that helped propel companies to multimillion-dollar heights—and bring your A-game. Let’s show those problems who’s boss!

Who should attend? Visionaries, founders, product leaders, and anyone who is working on understanding and solving real world problems.



May 19, 2024


May 19, 2024


10:30 am


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SURF Incubator

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Daniel Jaeger

Daniel Jaeger


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