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AI Hustlers - From Macro to Micro: Seattle's Spot in the AI Ecosystem

September 28, 2023

AI Hustlers - From Macro to Micro: Seattle's Spot in the AI Ecosystem

Organized by: Leaner Startups

Host: AI Society

Event Summary

In this week's AI Hustlers we will be discussing Enrico Moretti's book "The New Geography of Jobs" and what Moretti's view is about innovation hubs. We'll chat about Moretti's criteria for what makes a successful innovation hub and see how Seattle matches up.

But it won't just be about the big picture. We want to hear from you. What's your experience living in Seattle, a city often labeled as an innovation hub? Do you see it? Feel it? Agree with it? This meetup is all about sharing stories, experiences, and opinions.

We'll also dive into discussions about how the pandemic and AI advancements might be reshaping these ideas.

Venue Partner:
A special shout-out to SURF Incubator and Leaner Startups for their continued support and for hosting this event!

Upon arrival, please use the main door by Starbucks on 3rd and Madison to be let in. If no one is there to greet you, call (425) 390-4738 to be let into the building.

Parking: There is an underground parking garage in the building that is $8 after validation. Just be sure to validate your parking ticket with someone from either Seattle AI Society or Leaner Startups


Social Mixer (30 minutes)
Kick start the evening with networking and refreshments. Connect with AI aficionados, tech innovators, and newcomers alike, all converging for a shared purpose.

Innovation Clusters Presentation (15 minutes)
An introduction to the overarching ideas that shape innovation clusters globally, with a special emphasis on Seattle's unique positioning.

Personal Perspectives Activity (1 hour)
Transition from the global to the personal. In this group activity, we will go through a guided discussion on how global AI trends manifest in your everyday life in Seattle.

Share, discuss, and gain insights into your peers' experiences, painting a collective picture of Seattle's dynamic AI environment.

Wrap-up and Group Discussions (15 minutes)
Come together as a larger group to discuss findings, shared experiences, and future aspirations within Seattle's AI ecosystem.

Feel free to join us for an after event hang out with Leaner Startups!

Why Attend?

Personal Connection: Delve deep into your own experiences and see where you fit in the vast AI landscape of Seattle.

Networking: Mingle with a diverse crowd, from tech novices to AI pioneers.

Insights: Understand the broader AI innovation framework and juxtapose it against your personal journey.

Collaboration: Share and receive feedback on your experiences, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose.

Seattle AI Society is an inclusive community-driven initiative, welcoming everyone from AI professionals to those simply curious about the field. Our AI Hustlers chapter focuses on the practical applications and strategies surrounding AI.
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September 28, 2023


September 28, 2023


6:30 pm


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SURF Incubator

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