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Seattle AI Hackathon at SURF

March 26th, 2023

Seattle AI Hackathon at SURF

Organized by: Leaner Startups

Host: Tyler Brown

Hackathon Summary

HELLO SEATTLE! We're excited to announce our one of a kind AI hackathon event, occurring on Sunday, March 26th at the SURF Incubator in downtown Seattle.

This event is not just for developers, entrepreneurs, and people working in tech. If you’ve been inspired by the developments in AI and are ready to build something, then this event is for you!

Join us for an exciting day of innovation, learning, and collaboration as we push the boundaries of AI and explore its potential to transform industries and improve people's lives.

This event is made possible by our friends at SURF Incubator as well as our friends at Leaner Startups. If you haven’t already, go check them out!

What to Expect

You’ll start by forming a team with other people you may or may not know. You’ll brainstorm ideas for an AI product, then spend most of the day working on a proof-of concept. Keep in mind that all work on your project must be completed at the hackathon. At the end of the day, each team will present their project to a panel of judges, and there will be an awards ceremony to select the winners. 

In addition to networking with your peers, you’ll be able to interact with Seattle’s leading venture capitalists, as well as people and organizations who are working on the cutting edge of AI.


9:00 am - Registration and Breakfast
Get checked in and network with your fellow peers. Discuss different ideas, and form a team.

10:00 am - Kick-off presentation
We’ll get things started at 10am with a presentation covering introductions, judges & prizes, and timing for the day.

10:30 am - Hackathon Begins
It's time to start hacking! During this time, mentors will be available to assist teams in developing their ideas. We will host a "speed pitch" round for participants still looking for a team.

12:30 pm - Lunch
Enjoy a delicious lunch (pending sponsors) Swap ideas and strategize your next moves.

4:30 pm - Pitch Practice
Get ready for the final presentations with a session focused on perfecting your pitch. Receive feedback from mentors and get ready to impress the judges.

5:00 pm - Deadline, first pitches begin
All projects must be completed at this time. The first round of presentations begins. Judges will send the winners to the final round.

6:00 pm - Final Presentations
It's time to show off your hard work! Finalists will present their solutions to a panel of judges and compete for prizes and recognition.

7:00 pm - Awards Ceremony and Networking
Celebrate the day's successes with a closing awards ceremony and networking session. Meet new people, exchange contact information, and continue the conversation beyond the hackathon.

8:00 pm - Event ends
The event will officially end at this time. We hope participants will leave inspired with new ideas and a better understanding of artificial intelligence.

Judging Criteria

There will be two rounds of judging. The initial round will be 5 minutes with a randomly selected judge. Each judge will select the two best ideas to be promoted to the final round.

Projects will be judged across 4 dimensions: idea, execution, pitch, future potential.

The Space

The SURF incubator is located in downtown Seattle, boasts amazing views and plenty of desks, conference rooms, and office-space to spread out and work on your idea with your team. We thank the SURF team for donating their space for this event. Here are some photos of the space from previous events

How you can help

This event is being hosted by a team of volunteers who believe in revitalizing the Seattle community. If you are passionate about this mission and would like to work directly with the leadership team in creating an unforgettable event, reach out via our Contact Page.

We are also looking to secure sponsors, judges, and mentors. If you or someone you know would be a good fit, please do get in touch with us https://leanerstartups.com/sponsorships

If you or anyone you know would like to volunteer for the event, please visit:

Don't forget to sign up for our newsletter here:


We are in the process of reaching out to sponsors to secure meals, snacks, and coffee for the event. Check back in soon for more details.

Contact us

Have questions about the event? Send us a message!

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March 26th @ 9AM


March 26th @ 8PM


SURF Incubator

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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning


SURF Incubator


SURF Incubator is a community-supported space for digital entrepreneurs.



Prize Sponsors

Allen Institute for AI (AI2)


Our mission is to contribute to humanity through high-impact AI research and engineering.

Prizes offered:

1) Grand prize: Formal interview with the AI2 Incubator partners to explore a potential investment of up to $500,000.

2) Top three finalists: Lunch and private tour of the Paul Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI2) and the AI2 Incubator.

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Lawrence Lerner digital payments pioneer.
Lawrence Lerner
LERNER Consulting


Elizabeth Cross
Apis Health Angels
John Sechrest
John Sechrest
Mossy Ventures
Jonathan Wiggs founding member of Outbound AI
Jonathan Wiggs
Outbound AI


Tyler Brown

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Leaner Startups


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